Products for Providing Small Space Ionization Solutions






Products for Elevators & Small Spaces


We have speciality products designed for elevators. Click the Elevizer link on the right for more information.

We have additional specialty for room applications. Click on room Solutions link on the right.

We can offer customized measurement verification via reporting or cloud dashboarding for ionization or other ket monitored levels. Click ionization levels.

Why Ionize the Air

Ions bind to small particles in the air and neutralize them either electro-chemically or by forcing them to agglomerate and precipitate on the air filter or any other surfaces. The ionizer inside the GPS powered Elevizer TM has independent lab test results that neutralizes 99.4% of the Corona virus within 30 minutes. The majority of particles found in the air have a positive charge. Negative ions are drawn to positive particles and ions as a result of magnetic attraction. When negative ions are in high enough concentration, they attach themselves to floating air particles. This causes the floating particles to become heavy (agglomerate) and drop out of the air. High concentration of negative ions can be found in our environment. Such as mountain tops, in forests, around waterfalls and on beaches. In our environment, negative ions are generated through sunlight or lightening as well as ocean waves or falling water.

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